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The finest Amusement Center on the Coast featuring over 300 Arcade
Redemption Games ... Tilt-A-Whirl ... Kiddie Rides
and a Great Seafood Restaurant!

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The Fun Factory Sign has been a landmark painting since 1975. Painted by the muralist ... Wizard ... it depicts the fun anf frolic inside.

There are a lot of places to sit and sip a soft drink or eat your favorite fast food. The Fun Factory recently opened a "new" section called the Fun Fish Market & Restaurant which is a 6000 sq. ft. seafood restaurant.

The Christmas Party every year is held on on December 25th. The annual celebration attracts familys and children from the South Bay and the greater Los Angeles Area. There is a Santa handing out lots of "Free" presents for the Kids.

Wedges/Ledges is one of the most popular games in the Redemption Area. There are forty of these token redemption games where the families can winn valuable prizes and have a lot of fun.

The giant Redemption Center is full of prizes and gifts ranging from small prizes and toys to expensive gifts and souvenires. The Fun Factory Center is considered the finest on the West Coast.

Kids and Adults love to play the games in the Fun Factory. Pictured at the left are a lot of players around a "Pogger" game. Crouds of excited people like this are common as they LOVE to WIN and they DO!

There are a lot of Kiddie Rides in the Fun Factory for the little children. These smaller rides are a favorite with the under five group and the parents laugh and smile as their children have a great time.

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